The Crazy Horse Saloon . . .

Unique and Exotic . . . a Show of beauty, using Lighting and Music, and stunning young women . . . a ‘challenge’ to any artist!

Nicola could not resist - - - -
“Lips – Vanilla Banana” Acrylic on canvas © SIMBARI

Alain Bernardin, the owner of the famous Parisian Night-club “The Crazy Horse Saloon”, wanted to celebrate 25 years in business on Avenue George V, and he asked Nicola to do a series of paintings depicting his unique “girls” - - - an exhibition of this exceptional collection of works, was held in a noted Paris Gallery . . .

. . . .And, later in New York . . .

Nicola’s discussions with Alain Bernadin!
Nicola carrying
one of the ‘girls’
through a Paris
street - - -

Acrylic on Canvas
Crazy Horse Collection

We stayed in Paris whilst Nicola did his enviable ‘research’. . . sketching his subjects. Then it was home to Rome to create this stunning Collection of paintings . . .

Having seen the Show, and
met the “girls” several times,
during our stay in Paris,
for me,
the paintings
show all the colour
and the spectacle
produced by the music,
and the amazing lighting - - -
- The Exhibition ‘opening’ was highly
acclaimed and most successful. . .
“Le Tout Paris” was there,
. . . and the gorgeous girls!

“Eva di Bratislava”
Gouache on paper

Two round canvasses were particularly Dramatic . . . . almost as if the viewer is looking through a spy-glass - - - underlining the Dramatic Theatrical quality of ‘Le Crazy’ - - -
Masterpieces of Staging - - - painted by a Master Artist!

No photograph or printed
reproduction can ever
catch the full vibrancy
of colour
and texture
which bursts upon the senses
 in every painting . . .

“Trucula Bon Bon”
Crazy Horse Collection
Oil on canvas

. . . to be able to stand before
a blank canvas,
pick up a palette knife,
and apply the rich colours,
we recognise as his,
and capture a fleeting moment
- - - FOREVER - - -
What a Gift!   Pure Genius!

To love his work is
to understand this Painter . . .

“Uhla Starlight”
Crazy Horse Collection
Oil on Canvas

Often asked what it is like to be married to an artist of Nicola’s talent . . . . I have no answer . . . but one thing is sure . . . it has never been DULL ! His enormous vitality and imagination, his dedication to his Art, his zest for life, his undeniable charm, his generosity, and his lightening moods are a challenge and a delight to all who know him . . .

Words are not necessary when showing Nicola’s works . . . they speak for themselves - - - and yet . . .
I have put in a poem to express HOW his Art “speaks” to me . . .

Sketches for “Crazy Horse Collection”
The Artist
Is an alluring Soul,
Whose Mistress
Is his Art.
His Heart is filled
With Passion’s Fire,
His Master
Is his Work.
Fantastic Images
And Sounds
Are his Magic World!
With myriad colours
In his veins . . .
He would share with us!

He understands
The Gift he has,
He knows
Just what he gives . . .
He desires
To share with us
His Boundless Wizardry!
It is the very LIFE
Of him
That he
Entrusts to us . . .
Elfrida ©   1997     excerpt from “True Artist”

The noted French Art Critic, Hervé Bazin of the Académie Goncourt,
wrote of Nicola’s work . . .

“The discovery of Simbari’s paintings amazed me. What struck me first, in his work, is the materia combined with a brilliance, and a technique, sure and individualistic. It is an impressive burst of vivid colour. . .
Today there are few artists capable of giving us, without any complex, such sensuous joy of creating.”

A compliment, indeed !

As I show these amazing
Dancers, on the page,
I am reminded of that
time in Paris,
with our young daughter,
‘living’ and
the excitement of
“discovering the
Crazy Horse” . . . !

“Moony Trafalgar”
Oil on Canvas
Crazy Horse Collection

The “girls” were great company and told many stories of their adventures, to Jenny and I . . .
They seemed to come
from so many
different countries . . .
that IS the excitement
of Paris !

“Norma Piccadilly”
Oil on Canvas
Crazy Horse Collection

Stuart Preston, the noted New York Art Critic, said of Nicola’s work ;

“There is a marvelous richness to this artist’s symphonic manipulation of sumptuous colour.”

“Study” 1
Crazy Horse

His series of etchings
based on his sketches
made backstage at the
Crazy Horse, show his
“reverence” for the
female form. . . .
“Study” 2
Crazy Horse

“Every aspect of the world, to the eyes of a painter like Simbari, celebrates the great mystery of Eye and Spirit, at the same time secret and evident of The Universe becoming Painting”

( excerpt from an article by Raymond Charmet)

Perhaps, because I have “roots” in
The Theatre - - -
I enjoyed this
part of
Nicola’s “Diaries”
so much !

There is no doubt
it was an
‘experience’ . . .
“Back Stage” Crazy Horse Collection Oil on Canvas © SIMBARI

I never tire of admiring the superb girls of the Crazy Horse as seen through Nicola’s eyes . . .

no wonder the Exhibition was so acclaimed . . . !

© Elfrida 2010

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