My Children . . .

The superb collection of images SIMBARI has created, over the many years we have been together, are a major part of ‘our family’ - - - ‘our children’ - - -

I love some more than others,
because they have a greater significance for me

“Apulia” acrylic on canvas ©SIMBARI
wood sculptures “Indian Chiefs” by Matthew Conde


They are magnificent,    they are superb;
they Inspire; they bring sun and light into a long day;
they bring memories;      they bring joy - - -

Why are these works ‘MY children’ ?

I did not paint them.
I did not imagine them.
I did not take an active part in their conception.
And yet,
I watched them being ‘born’ of a Genius talent!

Awe-inspiring moments
in SIMBARI’s studio . .
(or so it seemed),
on a blank paper or
     The Magic
would appear - - -

brilliant colour,
dazzling light would
dance before my eyes,
and a painting would be

Genius Art . . . .
It is never forgotten . .
“Jasmine” acrylic on canvas ©SIMBARI

Never is it supplanted - - - bettered,
or demolished at the hands of Critics.

These Gifts stand out as Testimony to the Times and the Uniqueness. . . . .

Great Collectors (past and present), know the Importance of their “Collections”;
these Collections are the witnesses to all that we were, all that we are, all that we will be for generations to come.

ART is an Expression of US, during the Time in which WE live,
not just a Commercial entity,
but also what the Future will remember of US . . . and see of us.

the names and images that will last the Test of Time!

I have no doubt that SIMBARI will be a name to ‘remember’ well into the
Tomorrows - - -

“Silkstockings”  acrylic on canvas ©SIMBARI

I learned, early in my Life, about Creative Genius . . . . it was all around me . . . . through my mother, an aspiring actress/director and my aunt who was a great Shakesperian actress, knighted for her services to the British Theatre. With them I met many great actors, musicians, writers, directors, artists . . . CREATORS of their time, inspiring those of the following generations, as they rose to fame.

A Fantastic World! . . . of The Impossible becoming Possible,
of Dreams that CAN come True and become Real . . .

I believed then (and Now) that IF  you bring with you your


to any ‘field’ you will be ‘successful’.
It has nothing to do with MONEY - - - money is a by-product, and often obscures that Passion.

It was never MY Dream to become part of “the Art World”!
Yet, on finding myself IN the world of Visual Art, I brought with me MY Passion for Expression and all things Lyrical! the world of Visual Art, I brought with me MY Passion for Expression and all things Lyrical!

SIMBARI has never disappointed my love of Lyrical Art . . .

Southern Italy . . .

Nicola’s greatest
Inspiration . . .

acrylic on canvas

I can HEAR the Music pouring from his works!!!

LIFE poured from his ‘crowd’ scenes . . . this was OUR life . . . visits to Capri . . . or Ischia . . . sitting in Via Veneto or Piazza Navona (Rome) . . . visits to Mexico . . . Barbados or Trinidad or Rio di Janeiro . . . flying to Los Angeles and staying with our dear friends John Gavin and his beautiful wife, for a very successful Exhibition of Nicola’s work . . . trips to Paris, and sitting at a café on the Champs Elysee or Saint Germaine . . .

and so the memories flood in !!! . . . . with the help of My Children!

  “La Piazzetta in Capri” oil on canvas ©SIMBARI

Is that Jenny sitting on the left . . . on one of our ‘breaks’ to Capri - -
- - and is that me . . . with my feet on her chair ? - - - !!
a familiar scene for us, in the summer months . . . trips to Capri,
Ischia, Naples . . . Venice . . . St Tropez, Nice, or Cannes - - - always meeting with friends, making new and talented friends - - - from ‘everywhere’ . . . . how “carefree” we seemed to be!

And in the winter months? Mexico, Barbados, Florida . . .

“Boy with an Iguana”
acrylic on canvas

- - - - so much COLOUR
and sound . . .

Mexico City buzzing with Activity ! - - -

Acapulco with its white beaches stretching for miles along the ‘wild’ Pacific Ocean - - -

The Atlantic - - -

St. Lucia

- - - which was our ‘favourite’
  . . . hard to choose! We loved them ALL . . .

“Cobbler’s Cove”
acrylic on canvas


“Playa Radiosa”
acrylic on canvas

each year a new experience . . .


   Caribbean Magic

collecting shells,
tasting new dishes,
meeting new people . .

we loved it . . . !!

“Barbados” [detail]
acrylic on canvas

No need for a ‘diary’ . . .
the paintings are my ‘reminders’ !

- - - and then there is


     “La Floridienne” acrylic on canvas ©SIMBARI     

Somehow, this superb work ‘says it all’ - - - this is my favourite memory of Palm Beach . . . the elegance and ease of the many happy times we spent there, over the years . . . Nicola’s amazing ‘fairy-tale’ beginning . . . and the many wonderful friends who came into our ‘world’ . . .

Where are they now?

These, and many others, will always be “MY CHILDREN” !!

© Elfrida 2010

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